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The Kootenay Surgery Clinic is the only facility offering comprehensive hand, wrist, plastic and reconstructive surgery in the Kootenay region. Our surgeon is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada assuring quality patient care for both adults and children. Our practice works closely with skilled therapists at Black Bird Physiotherapy in Nelson for patient rehabilitation.

Hand and wrist surgery treats symptoms of pain, numbness, and decreased function in this region of the upper limb. Our surgeons are also trained in a subspecialty of hand surgery called "peripheral nerve surgery" that treats pain or numbness in both the upper and lower limbs where nerves are compressed or injured outside of the spinal cord.  Plastic and reconstructive surgery strives to restore normal appearance and function after events like trauma, burns, infection, cancer, disease or birth defects. Cosmetic surgery attempts to improve a person's normal appearance.

Our surgeon operates out of the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital in Trail. For select skin cancers and hand problems, we may offer an expedited care plan with a "See and Treat" approach where both the initial consultation and definitive surgical procedure (under local anesthesia/"freezing") can be performed in the same visit.


Medical Office Assistant

Dr. Justyn Lutfy
Dr. Justyn Lutfy

Hand, wrist, plastic and

reconstructive surgeon

With our friendly office staff, we strive to provide a comfortable, confidence inspiring interaction where we address your concerns and create a treatment plan that best matches your lifestyle and goals.

From the team here at Kootenay Surgery Clinic, we're ready and excited to meet you!

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